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Dinky Toys

Dinky Toys

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A celebration of Dinky Toys in the 1950s

Dinky Toys must be one of the most successful and collectable toys ever made. These delightfully stylish photographs feature models from the golden age of the Dinky toy – an era remembered fondly by every post-war baby-boomer.

Now the subject of serious interest from collectors worldwide many of these models have re-emerged as highly collectable, often selling at very high prices. But the toys that feature here are neither pristine or shiny. Collected over the years by photographer Kim Sayer, their charm is in the chips, dents and worn paint work – toys that have been played with and loved. His affection for them is obvious, as each model is given its own delightful setting, reflecting a more gentle and innocent era. Visual puns abound – the Landrover, 'a fine model of a vehicle designed to go anywhere and do anything' climbs its way up a staircase, whilst the Avro York Airliner takes off from the ironing board, and an open-top sports car zooms along fighting the gale force winds of an electric fan. 

Many of the photographs also play off against the original marketing tagline used to sell the models:

‘Just look at the remarkable detail on this exciting model of Britain’s famous centurion tank. It is a welcome reinforcement for the playroom army.’

‘Here is a fine new model, the Humber Police Patrol Car containing uniformed driver and patrolman.’

These are wonderful photographs that will appeal to all ages – particularly to those who will remember their days of short trousered bliss crawling about on the floor for hours on end, their imaginations fired by the splendour of their Dinky toys. 

ISBN: 978-1-904587-49-1
Hardback, 144 pages,
74 photographs, 
210 x 145mm