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War Is Only Half the Story

War Is Only Half the Story

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Ten Years of The Aftermath Project

with poems by Nobel Laureate, Wislawa Szymborska
texts by Clare Cavanagh, Donald Weber and Sara Terry 
and photographs by more than forty Aftermath Award winners

“The end of war does not mean peace. It is simply the end of death and destruction. Every story of war includes a chapter that almost always goes untold – the story of the aftermath, which day by day becomes the prologue of the future.” – Sara Terry, Founder, The Aftermath Project.

“War is Only Half the Story” is a ten-year retrospective of the work of the groundbreaking documentary photography program, The Aftermath Project, which for a decade has supported post-conflict storytelling by some of the world’s best photographers. As a grant-making educational non-profit, The Aftermath Project was founded to help change the way the media covers conflict – and to educate the public about the true cost of war and the real price of peace.

Using the post-conflict poetry of Nobel Laureate Wislawa Szymborska as themes for each chapter, “War is Only Half the Story” draws on the work of 53 Aftermath Project grant winners and finalists from around the world to explore post-conflict stories that all too often go untold.

Sara Terry is a documentary photographer and filmmaker, and a Guggenheim Fellow in Photography, who began The Aftermath Project while working on her first post-conflict photography project, “Aftermath: Bosnia’s Long Road to Peace”. In a post-9/11 world, she wanted to encourage other photographers to concentrate on post-conflict storytelling.

Aftermath Project grant winners featured in the book include Jim Goldberg, Nina Berman, Jessica Hines, Stanley Greene, Kathryn Cook, Justyna Mielnikiewicz, Danny Wilcox Frazier, Adam Patterson, Rodrigo Abd, Donald Weber, Simon Brann Thorpe, Monika Bulaj, Luca Locatelli, Isabel Kiesewetter, Bruno Boudjelal, Louie Palu, Juan Arredondo and Davide Monteleone.

Softback four panel, concertina cover
268 pages, 121 colour and black and white plates
270mm x 210mm
ISBN: 978-1-911306-21-4

The Aftermath Project - 10th Anniversary Film
Please note that the selection of images featured in the film and the book are not all the same.